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Ski Shock Installation

Our Polaris, Ski-doo, Yamaha & Cat shocks are a direct replacement for your stock shocks and require no modifications to the stock vehicle prior to running them. However we do on occasion add extra length to our shocks depending on the vehicle and you should not be alarmed if your shocks show up and they are slightly longer than stock.

Our triple rate springs allow us to run more ski travel and maintain the same ride height as your stock vehicle. There is simply no substitute for long travel, the more you have the better your sled will ride the key is controlling ride height.

Follow these simple installation instructions and again contact us with any questions.

  1. Lift the front of your sled off the ground securing it properly not to fall. 
  2. Remove old shocks saving hardware for the installation process. 
  3. Install your Raptor shocks using supplied spacers with an O-ring on each spacer on the uppers only. These O-rings go between the spacer and the spherical bearing and will keep the shocks from pivoting axially and keep them rotating with zero friction. 
  4. Springs are set with ¼ inch of preload and clickers on pos. five.