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TRS Spring Kit Install & Tuning Instructions

1.) Install springs on your shocks making sure to engage spring tab into spring tab relief on the spring adjuster.  We’ve had these installed on Walker Evans shocks along with Fox shocks and have had no issues.

2.) Our IFS springs have a free length of 12.0” and a good starting point is to set them with ¼” of preload.  This means when the shock is fully extended with the spring installed the spring should measure 11.75”.  Again this is a starting point and you can turn more preload in the spring as you see fit.

3.) The front track shock spring has a free length of 8.5 inches and should be set to 8.25 inches after it is installed and the limiter straps are set.  Again this is a good starting point but feel free to adjust to your liking.  

4.) As far as the “standard” rear spring it has a free length of 11.0 inches set it to 10.5 inches after it’s installed in the vehicle making sure to have the back of the sled elevated prior to setting the preload.

5.) As far as the “firm” package the rear spring has a free length of 12.0 inches set it to 11.5 inches after it’s installed in the vehicle making sure to have the back of the sled elevated prior to setting the preload.  

6.) Anytime you want to make changes to the preload make sure that there is NO load on the shock-spring or you will get inaccurate measurements.   Lifting the sled off the ground or flipping it onto its side works the best.

As far as adjusting the springs again our recomondations are just that and we strongly recommend that you try multiple setings to find your sweet spot.   If you feel that the vehicle needs more preload (less sag) again we recommend working into this slowly with two turns of preload at a time and we do not recommend going with less than a 1/4 or you could have issues keeping the spring retainer in place. One revolution on our spring adjuster equals 1/16 of an inch of preload. Here’s a couple scenarios that may pertain to you.

1.) Sled wants to wallow around and not stay flat.A.)This is not a bad thing depending on what you’re doing (boon docking) but if you feel it’s a negative you can crank in two turns of preload at a time into the ski springs until you reach your goal. Some potential negatives with this is excessive ski pressure resulting in heavy steering.   

2.) Vehicle feels bouncy and wants to deflect off of bumps.    
A.) Two much preload on the springs can cause this issue back off until acceptable also a couple clicks of compression can help settle this down. 

3.) Vehicle has heavy steering and wants to dart excessively on the trail.     
A.) This has many culprits but as far as springs to much preload will cause excess weight on the skis and heavier steering. 

4.) Vehicle won’t turn on the trail and wants to push in the corners.     
A.) This also has many culprits but as far as springs the more preload you give the ski springs the more weight it will put on the skis and the better they will bite.

5.) Vehicle bottoms in the rear at will and transfers (ski lift) to much weight under acceleration. A.)Tightening up the rear spring will help reduce both bottoming along with excessive ski lift.  Finding a balance here can take a few adjustments and should be made along with front track preload to get a perfect balance of ride quality and ski lift.

6.) Vehicle bottoms in the center and you can feel it on your heels.    
A.) Tightening up the center spring will help for the bottoming out but can cause more ski lift under acceleration.  Again this is a fine balance and adjustments can be made in conjunction with the rear track shock spring along with limiter strap adjusments.

Note: The settings provided in these directions will give you more sag, ride in, droop however you want to refer to it.  This is very normal and most of our systems are designed to have 30% of the travel used up in ride in.  This does not mean you have less travel and at anytime you want to eliminate ride in all you need to do is add more preload.  95% of ride in is  dictated by spring preload and this is the first adjustments you need to make in the event you want less ride in.  Call with questions.