Known as the premier name in air suspension systems for 3/4 ton and larger trucks for over 25 years, Kelderman Manufacturing is proud to announce our all-new lineup of three piece, modular bumpers for heavy duty trucks. This bumper is designed for the 2017+ Ford Super Duty trucks. Our 3 piece design allows for dozens of possibilities for customizing the color scheme to the truck and other accessories. The bumper has a main center section along with a pair of end caps or ‘wings’. These outer pieces are available in multiple widths to allow you to finally have your bumper match up to either the stock fender or an aftermarket fender flare. If you are not running wider fender flares on the truck, a stock width option will match up to the factory fender. If you want to make sure your bumper doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb next to
a set of wider fender flares, just go for the ‘Wide’ version of the bumper. The Kelderman front bumper is also built with a unique set of ‘pockets’ that allow for easy mounting of clevis hooks, tow ropes, etc. This front bumper is available in a winch configuration or with a light bar cutout. The standard design can run (2) 4″ light bars horizontally in the bumper end caps. The available winch bumper can accept up to a WARN 16.5ti winch setup to make sure you can fit a winch capable of pulling a full size truck and all your gear out of trouble. Integrated mesh sections in the front bumper allow for the necessary airflow to your engine and an additional piece that can be customized. These bumpers are adaptive cruise compatible!!!! Available in a bare metal finish and prepped for paint or powder! Bumper, lights, hooks, other accessories sold separately.


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