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Shock Features

  • 100% Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 100% High Speed CNC Machined to Exacting Tolerances
  • Highest Quality Synthetic Blended Fluid
  • High Strength Delrin Bushings
  • Cutting Edge Computer Aided Design Software
  • Cutting Edge Fluid and Thermal Dynamic Modeling Software
  • Elegant Lightweight Ground Up Design
  • Progressive high flow Piston Design
  • Progressive Valve Codes
  • Internal Blow Off Valve
  • 20 position clicker
  • RAP (Rapid Adjust Preload)
  • NEST (Seal Technology)





Our high flow pistons not only flow up to 115% more fluid than other name brand shock manufacturers, they come with a blow by ring that pre-loads the piston band for exceptional piston to inner wall interface.


apv.pngAnti-Pack Valve (APV)

Our anti pack valve pistons allow us to separate the low speed between compression and rebound events. This patent pending technology gives our field technicians one more advantage in tuning compliance while maintaining control and will keep your suspension from packing up towards the bottom of the stroke.



Our liquid black nitride shafts give you fluid like suspension action. These shafts will not flake and corrode like chrome plated shafts and they have exceptional lubricity characteristics along with mirror like micro finishes for excellent seal life and to reduce stiction.

bearing-cap.pngBearing Cap

Our ported, light weight bearing cap gives excellent bearing support along with exceptional cooling characteristics around the circumference of the bearing. This increase in surface area allows us to run tighter shaft to bearing interface for better seal life and less water ingestion.


compression-head.pngCompression Head

Our compression head has an insane amount of flow both on the compression and rebound side of the head. This allows us not only excellent adjustability at low to moderate velocities but excellent stability at ultra-high velocities.


Our aluminum shock bodies reject heat 400% faster than conventional steel plated bodies. Our bodies are coated with hard-coat anodizing for exceptional wear and corrosion resistance.

triple-rate-spring.pngTriple Rate Springs (TRS)

We have the coolest TRS springs on the planet! Our one piece Rocket wire springs eliminate nasty mechanical bind that you have with conventional two or three piece designs. These springs are lighter, work better, and won’t trash your shock bodies.