We’re looking to create partnerships with individuals who believe in the Raptor Shocks brand and stand behind our products 100%.

Rider safety in the mountains is something that has always been very important to us here at Raptor Shocks. We have aligned ourselves with a number of avalanche safety instructors in North America to help those individuals and companies be able to get their message of safety out to the public.



What does it mean to be sponsored by Raptor Shocks?

Not every deal is the same for every rider. Our sponsorship packages typically start with small product discounts so we can make sure that you are invested and understand the value of the products, then working into further sponsorship.

What are the expectations?

We expect a lot out of our sponsored riders.

Do you think that you have what it takes to represent the Raptor brand?

Send us an email with full rider resume including a list of past accomplishments and goals for the upcoming season. Make sure you include all of your social media accounts so we can review them to ensure you carry yourself in a way that is inline with our expectations. Be sure to include your current sponsors as well.