SKI-DOO Triple Rate Spring Kit

Price $250.00
  • Available for the Summit 146, 154, 165 & 175
  • Increased Bottom Out Resistance
  • Significant improvement in ride quality!
  • Single wind, triple rate spring
  • Ultra Compliant
  • Unique design for spring stability
  • Consistent performance, day after day


Product description

The beauty of the one piece TRS spring design is that they are coiled as one continuous piece in our bowling pin styled design. This design is engineered to reduce weight over other springs on the market and increase stability by better controlling buckling of the spring. Our springs eliminate shock body wear caused by mechanical bind seen in conventional multi spring/collar designs and are also whisper quiet.

The Raptor Performance Shocks TRS Springs are designed to soften up the first half of the shock stroke, while increasing the stiffness on the last half of the stroke.


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