Triple Rate Spring [Front Track]

Price $80.00
(4 customer reviews)
  • Significant improvement in ride quality!
  • Single wind, triple rate spring
  • No noisy transition collars that wear through your shock body
  • Unique design for spring stability
  • Consistent performance, day after day
  • (will not fit 2.0 shock bodies)


Product description

Our multi pitch TRS springs are a beautiful thing!  This bowling pin style design not only looks cool but it reduces weight, helps spring stability, and is coiled in one continuous piece.  This saves a tremendous amount of mechanical bind and shock body wear that you get in conventional multiple spring and transition collar designs. These springs work on many different applications and are a nice replacement for straight rate designs found on most oem sleds.  These springs are 8.25″ in length with the standard 1.90″ inside diameter and come with a coat of liquid black powdercoat!

4 reviews for Triple Rate Spring [Front Track]

  1. Ryan Folsom

    I have used this spring in the Iron Dog for 2 years now on my Polaris Indy’s on WE shocks. It has never let me down and this has been in some of the toughest condtions ever in this race. I have 3000 miles on a few of these and I have never broken one and they still feel great.

  2. Glen Mumm

    Out here in the West with tight budgets for trail grooming our trails get really rough. Adding these springs to my sleds has made it possible to survive the beating you take getting to our favorite play areas. One of the best suspension upgrades I’ve made.

  3. Cat Guy (verified owner)

    Installed on a ‘17 Sno Pro and it made the ride so much better. No bottoming out and handled whoops and stutter bumps so much better. For the money, an excellent upgrade to the ProCross chassis.

  4. Glenn Deveraux

    The best single addition to my rev xp front end. No more head shake. No more running wide in bumpy corners. No more choosing between too much body roll and too high a front end. These springs keep my front end low, let the sled bite and rail the corners. Excellent product.

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