Triple Rate Spring [Ski Shock]

Price $80.00
(1 customer review)
  • Significant improvement in ride quality!
  • Single wind, triple rate spring
  • No noisy transition collars that wear through your shock body
  • Unique design for spring stability
  • Consistent performance, day after day


Product description

Our multi pitch TRS springs are a beautiful thing!  This bowling pin style design not only looks cool but it reduces weight, helps spring stability, and is coiled in one continuous piece.  This saves a tremendous amount of mechanical bind and shock body wear that you get in conventional multiple spring and transition collar designs. These springs work on many different applications and are a nice replacement for straight rate designs found on most oem sleds.  These springs are 12.0″ in length with the standard 1.90″ inside diameter and have a max working travel of 7.0″ and come with a coat of liquid black powdercoat!

1 review for Triple Rate Spring [Ski Shock]

  1. Ryan Folsom

    I use these on my Ski-Doo freeride on my Raptor shocks and I have used these on my Iron Dog sleds great spring in all conditions. These are highly recommended. Great product

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